Alicia Rae Career Centre, Inc.
Alicia Rae Career Centre, Inc. is a fragrance/scent-free environment. Please do not use perfume or scented products when you visit the Centre. Thanks.

Alicia Rae Career Centre Inc. is personally managed by Alicia Rae, a Certified Human Resources Professional, with over twenty years of challenging but successful experiences handling employment and outplacement services project management.

Alicia Rae's educational background is Master's in Industrial Psychology, and Bachelor of Science in Guidance and Counselling. She is also a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna Reiki® Master thru the International Center and a Reiki Master /Teacher member of Canadian Reiki Association since 2003.

Alicia Rae, is a very innovative and success-driven Employment Counsellor, with proven track records and competence in all facets of job and career development employment services, and training needs of unemployed, under skilled and priority groups to meet the emerging realities of workforce development. She takes pride to have been given recognition for being the Human Resources Development Canada (H.R.D.C.) Self-Employment Assistance Program 1995 Entrepreneur Awardee and Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur Finalist (2001).

Since her establishment of Alicia Rae Career Centre Inc. in 1993 she has obtained government-funded projects with at 80% - 95% documented success rate.

Alicia is the co-author of Worker Adjustment Handbook (2000) for Manitoba Labour Adjustment. She also designed, developed training programs and materials of YOUTH EMPLOYMENT NETWORK since 1999 for youth 16-30 years old and Taking JOBS! Program for Taking CHARGE! Solely responsible for the project management, recruitment of clients, needs assessment, delivery/facilitation of the programs as well as daily monitoring, individualized follow-up and complete documentation of clients for up to a year.

Alicia Rae Career Centre Inc. is now being co-managed by Juliane Roice as Project Director in handling various project and operational management. His background is Engineering and Project Management at the University of Winnipeg and a member of Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba.

  • The Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations
  • Human Resource Management Association of Manitoba
  • Canadian Reiki Association