• Worker’s Adjustment & Outplacement for Employers

    In partnership with Labour Unions/Companies who will be in the process of restructuring, downsizing or closure, we can offer a fee for service to the affected employees.

    1. Accessible employment and career place for labour market information, trends and how to fit into the changing labour market
    2. Individualized assistance on job related cases and difficult situations and appropriate referrals to the right agencies and government offices
    3. Preparation of resumé and covering letters - new or updating
    4. Group workshops on Job Search Strategies
    5. Individualized Job Search Activities - actual advertised or job postings, job placement leads, using available company listings, company profiles essential for job interviews
    6. Coaching assistance for pre- and post-job interview activities
    7. Continuous support and follow-up activities to successful transition from unemployment


    1. Resumé and cover letters - new or updating
    2. Career Exploration Options
    3. Needs/Skills Assessment
    4. Job Prospecting
      1. Interview techniques
      2. Job leads and postings
    5. Retraining/Skills upgrading
    6. Self-employment
    7. Computer Training – group or one-on-one
    8. Progress reports/Follow-up activities

    Intake Process

    Group Information and Registration Sessions

    1. Presentation of the services being offered
    2. Registration and Needs/Skills Assessment form

    One-on-one Consultation Sessions

    1. Individualized needs assessment assistance
    2. Identifying suitable career options
    3. Provide information on areas of interests and/or concerning financial, personal, job-related issues


    1. Scheduling/delivery of information sessions, group and individualized sessions and consultations
    2. Complete documentation of participants' employability assessment and status reports
    3. One-to-one consultation/career counselling to identify barriers to employment and assist participants to develop job readiness skills and job search strategies
    4. Delivery of job search/career workshop sessions
    5. Developing skill-based training opportunities and sourcing of funding
    6. Collect labour market information for participants regarding job openings, skills requirements and other occupational information
    7. Matching skills with available retraining options and information
    8. Job placement assistance - job leads and career opportunities
    9. Continuous support to participants in identifying their realistic career options such as retraining or self-employment
    10. Handles participants' information and activities strictly confidential