Alicia Rae Career Centre Inc. was established and managed by Alicia Rae, a Human Resources Professional since 1993, with over twenty five years of challenging but successful experiences handling employment and outplacement services project management.

Alicia Rae's educational background is Master's in Industrial Psychology, and Bachelor of Science in Guidance and Counselling. She is also a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna ReikiĀ® Master thru the International Center and a Reiki Master /Teacher member of Canadian Reiki Association since 2003 - 2018.

Since her establishment of Alicia Rae Career Centre Inc., the Centre has obtained various government-funded projects with at 80% - 95% documented success rate!

Alicia Rae Career Centre Inc. is now being co-managed by Juliane Roice as Project Director and Co-owner in handling various projects - operational, financial management, workshop training and employment facilitation and placement.

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Alicia Rae Career Centre Inc. is a fragrance/ scent-free environment. Please do not use perfume or scented products when you visit the Centre.

Current News and Updates

  • New Address! - We have moved to our new address at 222 Osborne Street North Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C IV4. Our new phone number is 204-505-6355. here to see all of our News & Updates

"Let our 25 years of professional career strategies with personalized approach and continuous long term support be your committed partner in achieving your employment and career goals."

Youth Employment Network Program

8-week career and job search free program with training allowance for unemployed youth 16 to 30 years old.

Career Pathfinders Program

Work Experience Placement directly to employers related to participants educational background and career goals.

Career Guidance

A fee for service individualized career planning and outplacement services for clients.

Workers Adjustment/ Outplacement for Employers

Professional services to the affected employees referred by labour unions/companies in the process of restructuring, downsizing or closure.

with Alicia Rae Career Centre Inc.

Be one of our numerous employers who benefited from our partnership in achieving their staffing needs while providing worthwhile and successful placement and wage subsidy.

All programs will have extensive individual and personalized consultation/counselling services.

A telephone counselling session may be arranged.
(Long distance charges and professional fees will apply)