• EMPLOYERS PARTNERSHIP with Alicia Rae Career Centre Inc.

    Be one of our numerous employers who benefited from our partnership in achieving their staffing needs while providing worthwhile and successful placement and wage subsidy.

    1. Up to 12 weeks wage subsidy to employers who is committed to provide opportunities to youth 16-30 years old to see if the program participants’ skills and attitude match your company’s culture, values and can do the job
    2. Connecting pre-screened, job ready, educated professionals and skilled program participants with employers in their field of studies, interest and skills for paid work experience at no costs to employers
    3. Minimal documentation or paper works for employers
    4. Program participants have valid background check and First Aid certificate
    5. Continuous one-on-one mentoring and follow-up assistance to participants to better handle new workplace task

    If you have job opportunities for our program participants, please submit the job posting   or contact us by completing the form below.

    Our services are free to both participants to gain worthwhile work experience and employers in meeting their staffing requirements.