• Youth Employment Network

    Youth Employment Network is a career and job search program for unemployed 16 to 30 years old clients. The Program offers an 8 weeks interactive needs/skills assessment, motivational job readiness preparation sessions and one-on-one career planning/counseling, work experience, job placement and coordinated support system.

    Training Allowance maybe provided during the 8 week workshop if eligible.



    Duration: 1 Week

    Group and one-on-one sessions:

    1. Overview of the program
    2. Identify needs, aptitude and skills
    3. Personal suitability or preferences

    Program applicants MUST meet all YEN program requirements and criteria including passing pre-selection interview to qualify as program participants.

    Interventions and Workshops

    Duration: 4 Weeks

    Referral to appropriate client service organizations for interventions.

    For participants who are "job ready":

    1. Identifications of marketable skills and personal suitability
    2. Recognition of transferable skills
    3. Identification of employment barriers
    4. Development of strategies and action plans to overcome barriers
    5. Resumé and cover letters
    6. Job interview techniques and tips
    7. The challenges of job prospecting
    8. Understanding and accessing labour market information
    9. Basic computer courses with certificate
    10. Social Networking and Email Etiquette
    11. First Aid/ AED Level C CPR certificate
    12. Financial Management

    Job Prospecting and Placement Assistance

    Duration: 4 Weeks

    1. Access to job leads, employment postings, company profiles, job/career-related resources
    2. On-line application
    3. Guidance for pre- and post-job interviews
    4. Encouraging youth-helping-youth mentorship
    5. Work experience/job placement assistance
    6. Individualized consultation and employment counselling
    7. Supportive personal and employment network

    Work Experience Placement

    Duration: up to 12 Weeks

    Up to 12-week paid Work Experience Program allowing the participant to demonstrate skills and abilities to an employer while receiving an income.

    Follow-up Activities and Job Maintenance Assistance

    Duration: 3 Months

    1. Assistance and support in handling the challenges of a workplace environment, new job responsibilities and standard labour practices.
    2. Individualized assistance for any employment-related difficulties, issues and situations.

    Send resume by email to aliciarae@aliciarae.com and indicate the program you are interested.

    Funded in part by SERVICE CANADA since 1999 in partnership with Alicia Rae Career Centre Inc.